Our Services

Our passion is to uphold excellence of execution in everything we do and we have inculcated this as a tradition in our establishment. Customer satisfaction is our first concern and we have and will continue to strive to achieve this at all costs. We believe this attitude will help us build loyalty in our clients hence enabling us enjoy repeat business and good referrals.

  1. Consultancy Services
  2. Financial Management
  3. Accounting / Bookkeeping (including Tax Returns)
  4. Preparation of Budgets
  5. Setting up a Debtors / Creditors System
  6. Setting up a Stock Control System
  7. Costing (Job or Process)
  8. Cash Flow Management System
  9. Electronic Financial Management System
  10. Manual Financial Management System
  1. Operational Management
  2. Business Administration
  3. Statutory Compliance (CIPRO, CO-OPS, SARS, CIDB, SETA Accreditation)
  1. Human Resources Interventions
  2. Setting up a Payroll System
  3. Assistance in setting up HR Policy and Systems
  4. Development of a Workplace Skills Plan
  1. Technical Interventions
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. Due Diligence
  4. Tendering
  5. Business Valuation
  6. Shelf Life Analysis
  1. Planning Interventions
  2. Business Plans
  3. Business Improvement Plans
  4. Productivity Improvement Plans
  5. Business Growth Plans
  6. Business Expansion Plans
  7. Business Turnaround Plans
  8. Marketing Plans
  9. Research Plans
  1. Legal Interventions
  2. Lease Agreements
  3. Sales Agreements
  4. Purchase Agreements
  5. Shareholders Agreements
  6. Joint Venture Agreements
  7. Memorandum of Understanding

Generic Training Programmes

            Programme1 Day2 Days3/4 Days
Programmes in Respect of Management Focus   
Strategy and Change Management Programme  
Corporate Governance (King 1 & 2 ) & Business Ethics  
Fraud, Corruption and Corporate Auditing  
Programmes in respect of Financial Skills Focus   
Entrepreneurial Skills  
Accounting & Bookkeeping  
Costing and Pricing  
VAT  / TAX  
Production Management 
Project Management  
Microsoft Office 
Finance for Non Financial Managers Programme    
Financial Modeling    
Budgeting / Budgeting for Success Programme  
Internal Auditing  
Asset Management Programme  
National Credit Act 
Financial Report Writing 
Programmes in Respect of Protocol and Diplomacy Focus   
Protocol and  Diplomacy Programmes 
Programmes in respect of Performance Management and Service Delivery (Commercial or Public Sector Focus –  1, 2 or 3 days)    
PERSERV PROGRAMME: Perform Management & Service Delivery Programme 
Supply Chain Management Programme 
Asset Management Programme 
Programmes in respect of Public Sector Focus   
Introduction to Public Sector Finance & PFMA Programme. 
Financial Appropriations – Individual or with PFMA 
Financial Consolidation Statements – Individuals or with PFMA 
Financial Cash Flow Management – Individual or with PFMA 
Interpret. Pub Sect Fin Statement – Individual or with PFMA 
Combinations of Public Sector Finance (PFMA) & Other Programmes.   
PFMA & Strategy Development Programme 
PFMA & Risk and Risk Management Programme 
PFMA & Policy Development Programme 
PFMA & Budgeting Programme 
PFMA & Management of Revenue & Liabilities Programme 
PFMA & Resource Performance Management Programme 
PFMA & Financial Performance Programme 
PFMA & Asset Management Programme 
PFMA & Internal Control Management Programme 
PFMA & Procurement Management Programme 
PFMA & Supply Chain Management Programme 
PFMA & Intergovernmental Fiscal Management Programme 
PFMA & Ethics and Accountability Programme 
Programmes in Respect of Training of Trainers   
Strategy and Change Management Programme  
Finance for Non Financial Managers Programme    
Introduction to Public Sector Finance & PFMA Programme.  
Combinations of Public Sector Finance (PFMA) & Other Programmes.  
Programmes in Respect of Protocol and Diplomacy Focus  
Programmes in Respect of Management Focus  
Occupational Health and Safety activities for Part Time/Work place Representatives and Shop Stewards in the Mining and Minerals Sector (MQA Accredited Skills Programme)